Below are a few of our medical models we have developed at SMAP Center through collaboration.

Face Shield.jpeg


These shields are designed to be worn over surgical masks for an added layer of protection.

Highlands Surgical Mask Strap 1 (1).jpg

Surgical Mask Strap

This strap reduces ear irritation by hooking your mask straps onto the provided pegs.

Tracheostomy Trainer.jpeg

Tracheostomy Trainer

A 3D printed tracheostomy training device provided to the College of Nursing.

Tattoo on gelatin wound.jpg

Tattoo Wound

Life-like printed tattoos to be used on humans and dummies for simulations.

gelatin wounds.jpg

Gelatin Wound

An edible, cost efficient way to simulate realistic mass casualty situations.

finger splint.jpg

Finger Splint

A customizable model of a splint used to keep a broken finger straight for the healing process.


Vein Finder

An array of LED lights used to penetrate the skin to see the veins under the skin.



This working stethoscope model can be used as a professional stethoscope would be used.


Brain Model

The model was created by using 3D slicer, which enables one to create a detailed brain model.

Arm Brace.jpg

Arm Brace

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

prosthetic leg.jpg

Prosthetic Leg

A 3D printed prosthetic leg made with PLA filament and PVC piping.


Heart Model

This heart model is used to be able to view valves and veins inside of the heart.



The placenta model allows for a more hands-on practice for nursing students.

intubation box picture.jpg

Intubation Box

This box helps a nurse intubate a patient safely without risking exposure to the virus.

Safety Goggles.jpg

Safety Goggles

These frames incorporate comfort through flexure hinges and rounded temples.


Spine MRI

An MRI image of a compression fracture was converted into a stl. file and 3D printed.


Doorknob Adapter

The Door Knob Adapter covers a doorknob, converting it into a door handle .


Pocket Mask Clip

3D printed clips to attach your face mask to your pocket, when not in use.


Heart-to-Lung Simulator

Visual aid that simulates major arteries between lung and heart.